MCEC Demonstrator appears in ‘Glotcast’

MCEC member Ward van der Stam (UU) starred in an episode of ‘Glotcast’, a podcast series with open conversations between scientists, students, inhabitants, and organizations in the city of Utrecht that take place at AKWAGLOT in the Utrecht Singel. Hosts Marij Swinkels and Vincent Tijseling discover how the chemical decomposition of CO2 is one of the best methods to reduce the carbon footprint of our society. Dr. Ward van der Stam explains the MCEC Demonstrator unit and talks to people who are passing by.

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MCEC Lecture Series: Dr. Pablo Peñas

The purpose of the MCEC Lecture Series is to show our PhD candidates what the possibilities are after completing their PhD.

On Thursday September 23, 11:00 AM our guest will be Dr. Dr. Pablo Peñas 

A short introduction:
My name is Pablo Peñas and I am a Postdoc at the Physics of Fluids Group at UT. My research for the last seven years has revolved around the topic of gas bubbles and mass transfer. Since I am still in my final year as an MCEC member, the concept of “Life after MCEC” strictly does not apply to me. Nonetheless, in my talk I will mainly cover some of my academic experiences, especially those concerning MCEC and other MCEC members. In fact, my first encounter with MCEC dates back to August 2015. As you may imagine, much has happened since then!

Giving New Life to Plastic Waste

Beyond Mechanical Recycling: Giving New Life to Plastic Waste

Dr. Ina Vollmer, Michael J. F. Jenks, Dr. Mark C. P. Roelands, Dr. Robin J. White, Dr. Toon van Harmelen, Dr. Paul de Wild, Dr. Gerard P. van der Laan, Dr. Florian Meirer, Prof. Jos T. F. Keurentjes, Prof. Bert M. Weckhuysen

Angewandte Chemie published the latest insights on chemical recycling of plastics. Featuring MCEC postdoc Ina Vollmer, MCEC PhD Michael Jenks and supervisors Florian Meirer and Bert Weckhuysen.

Parallel silicon nanowire-based devices

A wafer-scale fabrication method for threedimensional plasmonic hollow nanopillars

D. Jonker (UT), Z. Jafari, J. P. Winczewski, C. Eyovge, J. W. Berenschot,
N. R. Tas, J. G. E. Gardeniers, I. De Leon and A. Susarrey-Arce

MCEC PhD Dirk Jonker‘ (UT) publication reports on the fabrication and modification of a top-down nanofabrication platform for enormous parallel silicon nanowire-based devices. In they paper the authors explain the nanowire formation in detail, using an additive hybrid lithography step, optimising a reactive ion etching recipe for obtaining smooth and vertical nanowires under a hybrid mask, and embedding the nanowire in a dielectric membrane.

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Freddy Rabouw (UU) receives VIDI-grant

Blue and ultraviolet sunlight are highly energetic. Current technologies to harvest sunlight cannot use this energy efficiently. “Quantum cutting”, the conversion of blue and ultraviolet light into infrared, can change this. Freddy’s project ‘Science: Quantum cutting sunlight with Yb3+-doped perovskite’ will develop strategies for more efficient quantum cutting, which will inspire new technologies for sustainable energy production.

Last year, Rabouw received the Heineken Young Scientists Award in the category Natural Sciences from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), for his research on new materials to generate light, for example for solar cells or display screens.

Many congratulations Freddy!

Valery Muravev (TU/e) Article in Nature Catalysis

On June 3 Nature Catalysis published MCEC PhD Valery Muravev‘s article titled ‘Interface dynamics of Pd–CeO2 single-atom catalysts during CO oxidation‘. The research that lies at the heart of this publication is a collaboration between different researchers from different universities: Valery Muravev, Giulia Spezzati, Ya-Qiong Su, Alexander Parastaev, Fu-Kuo Chiang, Alessandro Longo, Carlos Escudero, Nikolay KosinovEmiel J. M. Hensen.


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