MCEC Members: Experienced Escapers

On Friday April 9th, MCEC’s C-Team organized a really fun, informal Remote Teambuilding Experience. It was an online escape room hosted by The Box Company.

The participants were divided into 5 teams of 5 people.

In the end Team Argon turned out to be the quickest to escape. Congratulations to Roy Hoitink, Ketki Srivastava, Juan Guillermo Ramírez, Mathieu Odijk and Jochem van Duin!



Scientific Research Community: Catalysis for CCU

‘Catalysis for CCU: Valorisation of CO and CO2 through Carbon Capture and Use’ is a multidisciplinary network of scientists, connected with well-established research groups in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, focused on Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) technologies as an essential step to developing the know-how for a low-carbon circular economy. 

To enhance the connection with other research groups Catalysis for CCU created a virtual platform that will be used to:

  • Share Master and PhD research topics 
  • Stream relevant PhD defences, invited lectures, and CCU seminars 
  • Create CCU podcasts 
  • Create a CCU database of available infrastructure, on-going projects and job opportunities 
  • “CCU Happy Hours”, online meetings where a small group of young researchers discusses viral matters with relevant experts. 

Do you wish to participate in this virtual platform?
Get in touch with us:

N3C Poster Award for Erik Maris (UU)

Erik Maris (UU) has won the Poster Award at NCCC for his poster entitled ”Making more efficient zeolites; Visualizing motion on the single-molecule level”. The jury particularly appreciated the infographic-style layout, which allowed easy reading on a computer screen, and embedded sound fragments that made up an audio tour explaining the poster. We spoke with Erik about his poster and the choices that he made in the process of making the poster.

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David Fernandez Rivas (UT) wins Prince Friso Engineer Prize

The Prince Friso Engineer Prize for MCEC Member David Fernandez Rivas (UT) came digitally from the hands of KIVI President Joanne Meyboom. Fernadez Rivas also turned out to be the audience’s favorite, thus also winning the audience award. Meyboom said that the jury was struck by his inspiration. He inspires enormously and has a lot of expertise on specific subjects, but also looks at the width. He makes himself and his knowledge openly available and uses his entrepreneurship to actively pass on his knowledge. But above all, he wants to be an independent scientist, leading motivated professionals into challenging research at the intersection of physics and biomedical science.

Have a look at the projects that David Fernandez Rivas works on in this video made by ‘Koninklijk Instituut van Inginieurs’:

Read the jury report

Kick-Off Your Online Presence

On January 19, MCEC organized a kick-off 2021 meeting for all its members.

We gave the floor to our MT-members and tenure track assistant-professors

For all PhD’s and postdocs there was an interesting and fun workshop on the topic of developing your ‘online presence’. Felix Weijdema (UU) gave the workshop ”Improve Your Online Presence” in which he talked about what steps you can take to disseminate your work online in novel and engaging ways, and hence increase the impact of your research on science and society.

You will find the presentation slides of the ”Improve Your Online Presence”-workshop, on the MCEC MS Teams page.

MCEC Focus session @ CHAINS 2020

Date: 9 December 2020
Time: 14:15 – 15:35 CET
Register before November 27

Plastic: chicken or egg of the waste cycle That’s the topic Prof. Bert Weckhuysen (chair, UU), Jaap den Doelder ( TU/e), Ina Vollmer (UU) and Lonneke Slenders (Ioniqa) will discuss during the MCEC Focus Session at CHAINS 2020.

We asked Ina Vollmer about her views on the matter.

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MCEC Members: Sander Huisman (UT)

In the second phase of MCEC, we have welcomed many new members. In this rubric we will introduce them to you. 

Sander Huisman (UT)

… is an assistant professor in the Physics of Fluids group at the University of Twente.

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Watch MCEC experiment live at ‘Operatie Breinbreker’

On Sunday October 4th, MCEC Member Ward van der Stam will be present at ‘Operatie Breinbreker’, a science festival where children and their families can get a glimpse into the day-to-day work at Utrecht University through experiments and workshops.

The event will be streamed live and starts at 10:45 AM.


MCEC Online Meeting

On Thursday morning April 9, MCEC hosted a substitute online event for the Annual Meeting 2020. The event was used as a test for meeting online, via the MS Teams software. In two hours, the 52 participants listened to the presentations of PhD candidates Petra Keijzer (UU), Thomas van Swieten (UU), Peter Dung (UT), Jasper Lozeman (UT), Laurens Mandemaker (UU).

During the break it was possible to scroll through the uploaded posters.

All in all, we look back at a successful online meeting. We learned a lot and the experience gave us many ideas for future meetings.

Thank you for attending, your questions and overall interaction on the MS Teams platform!

ERC Advanced Grant for Prof. Marjolein Dijkstra

MCEC Member Prof. Marjolein Dijkstra (UU) has been granted an ERC Advanced Grant. This is the highest research grant of the European Research Council, annually granted to exceptional and trailblazing senior researchers. Prof. Dijkstra will receive 2.5 million euros for her project Rational Design of Soft Hierarchical Materials with Responsive Functionalities: Machine learning Soft Matter to create Soft Machines.

More information about the project can be found on the website of Utrecht University.




30 March 2020