About MCEC

MCEC is a consortium in which chemists, physicists, materials scientists and chemical engineers from Utrecht University, University of Twente and Eindhoven University of Technology conduct research in the field of catalysis.

With the help of catalysis, we can convert substances such as CO2 or municipal waste into useful chemical building blocks and related materials for a more sustainable society. Catalysts ensure cleaner and more efficient chemical processes.

We share our knowledge
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What we do

Smart Biomass Conversion

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Catalyst diagnostics to develop more active catalysts

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Storing electricity from renewable sources in chemical bonds

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Because catalysis can be studied at different length scales, different scientific disciplines are involved in catalysis research. The main objective of MCEC is that chemists, physicists materials scientists and chemical engineers can work together, both within and outside their own discipline, to find answers to important questions in the field of energy transition.