MCEC Newsletter June 2021

Dear MCEC Member,

Please have a look at the brand new MCEC PowerPoint Template. Let us know what you think of the new design. In our latest MCEC Newsletter you can read about:

  • MCEC Annual Meeting
  • MCEC Lectures: Life After MCEC
  • PhD Defenses Laurens Mandemaker and Paulo Lovreglio
  • MCEC School 2021
  • Valery Muravev (TU/e) Article in Nature Catalysis
  • Christia Jabbour (UU) Review artivle in Nature Catalysis

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MCEC Annual Meeting

The MCEC Annual Meeting 2021 was held both online and in person on 21-22 June. The first day we had the pleasure to enjoy lectures from Detlef Lohse ‘Pay to Publish’ and David Fernandez Rivas ‘How to utilize gas filled bubbles and microfluidics?’. We also got updates on projects from some of our current PhD candidates and Postdocs.

The second day we all could meet live in Utrecht at ‘de Moestuin’ where we enjoyed each others posters and company.

Also the workshop from the Pyrolysis demonstrator team was a great success.

Please fill in the MCEC Annual Meeting 2021 survey.

MCEC Lectures: Life After MCEC

On Thursday July 1st we hosted two lectures of our program: Life after MCEC.  We would like to thank Dr. Katarina Stanciakova and Dr. Jessi van der Hoeven for their time and wish them succes in their future activities.

PhD Defenses Laurens Mandemaker and Paulo Lovreglio

Many congratulations to our new doctors Laurens Mandemaker and Paulo Lovreglio!
On June 2nd, Dr. Laurens Mandemaker (UU) successfully defended his PhD thesis titled ‘The Birth, Life and Death of Surface-Mounted Metal-Organic Frameworks’. Read more about Laurens’ thesis here.
Dr. Paulo Lovreglio (TU/e) also defended his PhD thesis successfully. On June 5th he presented his work ‘Flow and dispersion in packed beds’. Have a look at Paolo’ thesis here.

MCEC School 2021 – Oktober / November

This fall will be the 6th (and last) MCEC School specifically organized for MCEC PhD students and the Postdocs as part of their training program. We will update you with a Save the Date as soon as possible.

Valery Muravev (TU/e) Article in Nature Catalysis

On June 3 Nature Catalysis published MCEC PhD Valery Muravev‘s article titled ‘Interface dynamics of Pd–CeO2 single-atom catalysts during CO oxidation‘. The research that lies at the heart of this publication is a collaboration between different researchers from different universities: Valery MuravevGiulia SpezzatiYa-Qiong SuAlexander ParastaevFu-Kuo ChiangAlessandro LongoCarlos EscuderoNikolay Kosinov & Emiel J. M. Hensen.

Read the interview we had with Valery

Christia Jabbour (UU) Review in Nature Catalysis

Christia Jabbour set out to test the potential of a catalyst when it’s embedded in different types of materials that are used in our lives. The concept of the review was  to see if we were able to bridge the link between material science and chemical reactivity of different catalysts.

Have a look at the review article: Chemical targets to deactivate biological and chemical toxins using surfaces and fabrics – Christia R. Jabbour, Luke A. Parker, Eline M. HutterBert M. Weckhuysen


On behalve of the MCEC Office, we wish  you a very nice summer and hope to see you at our next lecture in the series Life after MCEC at September 23rd.