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All projects at Eindhoven University of Technology:

Catalysis by defect oxides for methanol synthesis from carbon dioxide (Prof. Emiel Hensen)

Reinvestigating the Sabatier reaction for large-scale storage of renewable H2 (Prof. Emiel Hensen)

Mechanism of furan conversion in zeolite catalysts (Prof. Emiel Hensen)

Catalytic fast pyrolysis of biomass in a fluidized bed: from catalyst to process (Prof. Emiel Hensen)

Modeling combinatorial complexity in hydrocarbon catalysis (Prof. Emiel Hensen)

Cognitive Microkinetic Modeling of high-temperature methane dehydroaromatization over zeolites (Prof. Emiel Hensen)

Investment project I1, title TBA, description available (Prof. Emiel Hensen)

Investment project I2, title TBA, description available (Prof. Emiel Hensen)

Droplet and Catalyst Interactions in Atomization of Bio-Oils (Prof. Hans Kuipers)

Advanced 3D Multiphase CFD Method for Bio-Oil Deoxygenation (Prof. Hans Kuipers)

MRI Flow Imaging of Trickle Bed Reactors (Prof. Hans Kuipers)

Experimental and computational study of catalytic conversion in open-cell foam catalytic reactors (Prof. Hans Kuipers)

Particle Scale Transport Phenomena in Trickle Bed Reactors (Prof. Hans Kuipers)

Micro structured slurry bubble columns for CO2-to-MeOH (Prof. Hans Kuipers)



Working at Eindhoven University of Technology

At the TU/e, your working conditions are flexible, customized and well organized. You can choose a large part of what benefits you want to use, according to the Choice Model For Employment. For example, you can choose to exchange days off, salary or your holiday imbursement for monthly travel costs, a bicycle from the Bicycle Plan, or extra leave.

The TU/e offers its employees market-based salaries. In addition, you can expect 41 days off in a year (at a 40-hour week), facilities such as childcare on campus and a sports centre with attractive rates for TU/e staff.  In employment policies, the TU/e follows the CAO (collective labor agreement) for Dutch Universities.

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