Call for PhD candidates | Joint Doctorates

The PhD candidate will be hosted by Utrecht University, Eindhoven University of Technology or the University of Twente, depending on the specific project(s) that the PhD candidate applies for. Some of the projects are Joint Doctorate projects, meaning that the PhD candidate will spend his or her time at different universities and will receive a Joint Doctorate Degree after finishing the project.

Our Joint Doctorate projects are:

Studying the Genesis of Nanobubbles on Zeolite and Metal Organic Framework Thin-Films by Scanning Probe Microscopy

Quantitative Determination of Particle-Size Dependent Active Sites in Supported Metal Nanoparticles with SHINERS

Exploring the Complexity of Pore Space of a Catalyst Particle

Multiscale Structuring for 2-Step Catalysis & Sensing

Photocatalysis Enhanced by 3D Multi-Scale Structured Supraparticles (SPs)

Molecular simulations of nanoparticles and heterogeneous catalytic surfaces in a solution

Mechanism of furan conversion in zeolite catalyst

Droplet and Catalyst Interactions in Atomization of Bio-Oils

Advanced 3D Multiphase CFD Method for Bio-Oil Deoxygenation

Unraveling the performance and heterogeneity of single catalyst particles: In-depth analysis of a single particle

Multiscale structuring for two-step catalysis and sensing: generating and manipulating sub-micrometer sized droplets at high volumes