Programme MCEC Annual Meeting 2019

June 19 & 20
University of Twente

June 19

10.30 Registration and welcome coffee
11.00 Opening by prof. Bert Weckhuysen
11.15 4 x 20 minute PhD/PD presentations:

  • José Escobar Encarnacion (UT): Marangoni puffs
  • Anne-Eva Nieuwelink (UU): Catalyst Particles and Microfluidics: Reaction, Separation and Analysis 
  • Michel van Etten (TU/e): The optimal particle size for cobalt-based Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
  • Ajoy Kandar (UU): Collective behavior of light switchable active matchstick colloids

12.35 Lunch

13.30 Invited Lecture by Dr. Yali Tang (TU/e):
Application of DNS in Fluidization and Fluid Particle Systems Research

14.15 Short break
14.25 3 x 20 minute PhD/PD presentations

  • Pablo Peñas (UT): Ultrasound-enhanced mass transfer during single bubble diffusive growth
  • Alejo Aguirre (TU/e): Open-cell foams as catalysts support for the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
  • Laurens Mandemaker (UU): Metal-Organic Framework Thin-Films

15.25 Short break
15.35 Presentation MCEC Demonstrator by Dr. Mathieu Odijk (UT)
16.00 PhD/PD poster session 1
17.00 End of poster session 1
18.00 BBQ
20.00 Sport activities

June 20

08.30 Opening by Prof. Hans Kuipers
08.45 2 x 20 minute PhD presentations:

  • Jasper Lozeman (UT): Surface Enhanced Vibrational Spectroscopy in a Flow-Through Microfluidic Chip
  • Vishak Chandra (TU/e): Direct Numerical Simulation of hot-spots in fixed bed reactors

09.25 Short break
09.40 3 x 20 minute PhD presentations:

  • Peter Dung (UT): Temperature mixing and heat transfer in turbulent bubbly flow
  • Freddy Oropeza Palacio (TU/e): Ni-Induced Hole States Enhance the Oxygen Evolution Reaction Activity of NixCo3-xO4
  • Stijn Hinterding (UU): Intermittent Charge Carrier Storage in Single Semiconductor Nanocrystals

10.40 Short break

11.00 Invited lecture by Prof. Guido Mul (UT):
Performance evaluation of Si-based photoanodes in solar to hydrogen devices

11.45 PhD/PD poster session 2
12.45 Lunch
13.45 Invited lecture by Dr. Ward van der Stam (UU):
C3 for the price of CO2: in-situ characterization of the CO2 reduction reaction on colloidal electrocatalyst nanoparticles
14.30 Short break
14.45 Debate competition for PhDs
15.50 Wrap up and ceremony (MCEC Poster Prize)
16.00 Closing