Pitch Perfectly!

Presenting your PhD project in a professional manner, while wording it in a (semi-)generic fashion that speaks to all members of your audience (and not just those who already know what you’re working on) can be a challenge. But effectively communicating your research is becoming ever more important. Mastering your presentation techniques is very useful for existing and future collaborations, for visibility, and to boost your self-confidence.

As the MCEC Annual Meeting approaches, we would like to give you the opportunity to participate in the following workshop:

Pitch Perfectly!
Crash course pitch & presentation training
3 April at Twente, 4 April at Eindhoven, 6 April at Utrecht
from 12.00-17.30 pm
(Registration is not limited to location. A PhD from UU could, for example, sign up for the workshop at TU/e.)

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of good presentation techniques by zooming in on content, clarity & charisma. Our trainer will help you accentuate your core message, make you aware of the significance of your verbal and non-verbal communication and outline how to get a story across, rather than just facts.

This workshop is for MCEC PhDs and postdocs only, and free of charge. Registration is closed.