PhD excursion: Business Development & Start-ups

The University of Twente has created a great environment to start your own company and the campus is swarming with ambitious start-ups. But if you want to become one of them, be forewarned:  a lot of start-ups origin from a patent – but as soon as your research has been published or presented, you won’t be able to patent it anymore. These are just a few of the insights MCEC PhDs gained from their PhD Excursion: Business Development & Start-ups, held prior to the Annual Meeting.

On April 18th, MCEC PhDs and PDs made a visit to start-up companies at The Gallery and the High Tech Factory at the campus of the University of Twente. Lectures were provided by Roy Kolkman, patent specialist and Rogier de Haan, business developer (both working at Novel-T), and the company tours in the afternoon went to nymus3D, Lyonix bv., Tide microfluidicsSolmates and Micronit. Most of these start-ups originated from PhD research, once conducted at the University of Twente. The day was closed with diner and a bowling match. 

This PhD excursion was organized by Team Community, together with Aura Visan and Renée Ripken.

18 April 2017