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Prof. Xuehua Zhang

University of Twente

Xuehua Zhang completed her PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University at the end of 2004. Her PhD thesis was on nanobubbles at solid-water interfaces. After her PhD, she first worked as an Endeavour Research Fellow at the Australian National University and then at University of Melbourne. From 2009 on, she led her own research group, working on nanobubbles and nanodroplets.

In 2012 she spent her sabbatical at the University of Twente. From July 2014 on she joined the staff of RMIT University in Melbourne as an Associate Professor and in October 2014 she was also appointed as a part time Professor at University of Twente. She moved to Canada and joined the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering in University of Alberta as a Professor in September 2017.

Her research area is colloid and interface science. Specifically, her research concerns nanoscale bubbles and droplets on a solid surface immersed in a liquid environment, their formation, physical properties, stability, and effects on the interfacial phenomena on or near the solid surface.

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