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Prof. Bert Weckhuysen (Scientific Director)

Utrecht University


Professor Bert Weckhuysen is Distinguished Professor of the Faculty of Science at Utrecht University (The Netherlands).

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He received his master degree in chemical and agricultural engineering with greatest distinction from Leuven University (Belgium) in 1991. After obtaining his PhD from Leuven University with honors (highest degree) in 1995 under the supervision of Professor Schoonheydt, Weckhuysen has worked as a postdoctoral fellow with Professor Wachs at Lehigh University (USA) and with Professor Lunsford at Texas A&M University (USA). He became full professor at Utrecht University in 2000. Weckhuysen (co-) authored ~ 360 publications in peer-reviewed journals with an average number of citations per paper of ~ 30 and a Hirsch index of 59. Furthermore, Weckhuysen (co-) edited 3 books and is the (co-) author of 21 conference proceedings publications, 16 national journal publications, 20 book chapters and 11 patents/patent applications. He is also the (co-) guest editor of two themed issue of Chemical Society Reviews (2010 & 2015), one themed issue of ChemSusChem and three themed issues of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2003, 2009 & 2012).

Weckhuysen serves/served on the editorial boards of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, ChemCatChem, ChemPhysChem, Vibrational Spectroscopy, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Journal of Applied Chemistry, Applied Catalysis A: General, Topics in Catalysis, Catalysis Letters, Chemical Society Reviews and Catalysis Today. Weckhuysen obtained prestigious VICI-CW NWO (2002) and TOP CW NWO (2006 & 2011) grants from The Netherlands Science Foundation (NWO) and an Advanced ERC grant (2012) from the European Research Council. He also has received several awards, including the 2006 Gold Medal from the Royal Dutch Chemical Society (KNCV), the 2007 DECHEMA Award from The Max Buchner Research Foundation (Germany), the 2009 Netherlands Catalysis and Chemistry Award from the KNCV Catalysis Section and The Netherlands Organization of Catalysis Industries, the 2009 Eminent Visitor Award of the Catalysis Society of South Africa, the 2011 P.H. Emmett Award in Fundamental Catalysis of the North American Catalysis Society, the 2012 International Catalysis Award of the International Association of Catalysis Societies, the 2013 Ipatieff Lectureship from Northwestern University (USA) and the 2014 Bourke Award of the Royal Society of Chemistry. In 2014 he also received the Spinoza Award from The Netherlands Science Foundation (NWO), which is considered as the highest scientific award within the Netherlands.

The research group of Bert Weckhuysen has been active for many years in the design, synthesis, characterization and application of catalytic solids for the conversion of fossil (crude oil & natural gas) and renewable (biomass) feedstock into transportation fuels, chemicals and materials. He is internationally renowned for the development of in-situ spectroscopy and microscopy for studying catalytic solids under realistic conditions. This approach has provided unique insights in the working and deactivation mechanisms of catalytic processes, as well as in the internal architecture of functional materials.

Weckhuysen has been/is scientific director of the Dutch Research School for Catalysis (NIOK, 2003-2013) and of a Smartmix program on Biomass Catalysis funded by the Dutch government and chemical industries (CatchBio, since 2007), of which he has been one of the initiators. Weckhuysen is an elected member of The Netherlands Academy of Sciences KNAW (2011-onwards) and fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2008-onwards). He is also an alumnus elected member of the Young Academy of the KNAW (2005-2010), elected member of The Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation (2008-onwards), elected member of the Royal Holland Society of Sciences (2007-onwards) and elected member of the European Academy of Science (2010-onwards). Weckhuysen serves on several boards and panels for research, including member of the board of Chemical Sciences of NWO and Captain of Science of the Topteam Chemistry, as initiated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2011. He is also a visiting professor at University College London (UK) and consulting professor at the faculty of photon science at SLAC/Stanford University (USA).