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Dr. Chao Sun

University of Twente

I am an Associate Professor in the Physics of Fluids Group at University of Twente. I have been mainly studying Turbulence & multiphase flows, Taylor-Couette flow, and Droplet impact dynamics & microfluidics.

Turbulence and multiphase flow:

Dispersed multiphase flows are omnipresent in a variety of large-scale manufacturing and transport applications. I have been studying bubbly flows and particles in turbulence employing both Eulerian and Lagrangian approaches.

Taylor-Couette flow:

I am interested in studying transport properties in highly turbulent Taylor-Couette flow in previously unexplored parameter regimes using the Twente Turbulent Taylor-Couette (T3C) apparatus. I also investigate bubbly drag reduction by combining global and local measurements (a VIDI project).

Droplet impact dynamics and microfluidics:

On droplet impact dynamics, I have been studying the effect of the air/vapor layer between an impacting droplet and unheated/superheated surfaces. For microfluidics, I am interested in investigating ultra-fast micro-jets/droplets and their applications.

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