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Dr. Frank Peters

Eindhoven University of Technology

Frank Peters is an expert in multiscale modeling of transport phenomena.

He is assistant professor at the department of chemical engineering and chemistry of the Eindhoven University of Technology. He has studied applied physics and obtained his PhD on the modeling of polymers in flow, i.e., the topic of microrheology. Much of his research is multidisciplinary and combines material science and transport phenomena.

Current topics of interest are and non-Newtonian multiphase flow through porous materials and transport in gas-solid systems. For the gas-solid systems it is attempted to model flow, reaction, mass and heat transport as it occurs in real chemical reactors such as fluidized beds. High resolution simulations are used to obtain fundamental insight.  This insight is used as input to more coarse-grained simulations that can be compared to lab-scale experiments or describe industrial processes.

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