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Prof. Mathieu Odijk

University of Twente

Mathieu Odijk is recently appointed as assistant professor starting a tenure track on Micro- and Nanodevices for Chemical Analysis in 2015. He finished his MsC in electrical engineering in 2007, followed by a PhD on the topic of miniaturized electrochemical cells for drug screening in 2011. He has been a visiting scientist at EPFL (prof. Girault, 2012), the Wyss institute at Harvard (2013), and MIT (prof. Jensen, 2014). His expertise is in microfluidics, electrochemistry and microfabrication. He has a ‘teachers heart’, shown by pushing new teaching developments and as his role as expert in the development of a high-school (NLT) module Lab-on-Chip. He was nominated as one of 9 technological top talents by STW in 2010, and awarded a VENI grant in 2014.

The theme of microdevices for chemical analysis aims at engineering novel devices to measure chemical quantities, pushing boundaries in applications to explore unknown territory. Often, this relates to faster, or better spatially resolved measurements at lower concentrations in small volumes. Micro- and nanofabrication techniques are used to enhance electrochemical, optical or mass spectrometric readout. The ultimate goal is to create new, yet robust tools for routine use in the lab or point-of-care applications.

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