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Dr. Florian Meirer

Utrecht University

Florian Meirer (ScD) was born and raised in Vienna, Austria and studied technical physics at the Vienna University of Technology with special emphasis on X-ray physics, especially synchrotron radiation induced X-ray fluorescence analysis and absorption spectroscopy in total reflection geometry in the group of Prof.  Christina Streli. He graduated in 2008 and started a postdoctoral research fellowship (Erwin Schrödinger fellowship, Austrian Science Fund) at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource, Menlo Park, USA in the group of Prof. Piero Pianetta. In 2010 he obtained a Marie-Curie Cofund fellowship and joined the team of Dr. Massimo Bersani at the Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy focusing on dopant activation research for advanced CMOS technology. Since 2013 he is employed as an Assistant Professor in the Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis group at Utrecht University, reinforcing the group of Prof. Bert M. Weckhuysen.

His current research (NWO VIDI Grant) focuses on the development and application of spectro-microscopic techniques (mainly but not limited to X-rays) for obtaining insights about nanoscale processes that are critical for a better understanding of how advanced functional materials operate at multiple length scales. His field of expertise in the area of atomic spectroscopy includes X-ray spectroscopic techniques, especially absorption spectroscopy in combination with 2D and 3D imaging or special experimental setup geometries (e.g. grazing incidence or grazing exit geometries), and, not limited to X-ray spectroscopy, multi-variate analysis of large spectroscopic data sets.

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