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Prof. Devaraj van der Meer

University of Twente

Devaraj van der Meer studied theoretical high energy physics at Leiden University. After working in advertising and high school physics teaching he joined the Institute for Physics Education at the University of Twente where he subsequently realized his passion for physics research on the human scale and obtained his PhD degree in 2004 on the physics of compartmentalized granular gases. He was appointed full professor at the University of Twente in 2012 and is a member of the Physics of Fluids group since 2002. His research interests range from granular physics to fluid mechanics and comprises almost everything in between, where fluids and grains interact. He is fascinated by the often surprising collective effects of many-particle systems and enchanted by the beauty of free-surface flows. His research philosophy is to come to a full understanding of phenomena by combining experimental, numerical and theoretical approaches.

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