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Dr. Stefan Kooij

University of Twente

Stefan Kooij (1968) obtained his PhD from the University of Utrecht in 1997 for work on electrochemistry and luminescence of porous silicon. From 1997-2000 he worked in the Condensed Matter group at the Vrije Universiteit (headed by Prof. R. Griessen), where his work was in the field of metal hydride films with switchable optical properties, focusing on electrochemical control. In 2000 he became assistant professor in the Solid State Physics group at the University of Twente; at this moment he is associate professor in the Physics of Interface and Nanomaterials group, also in Twente. Presently his primary research interests are in the range of assembly and characterization of micro- and nanostructured solid/liquid interfaces. Topics include assembly and characterization of plasmonic nanoparticles, innovative metal patterning from solution, surface nanobubbles, wetting behavior of hierarchically rough colloidal assemblies, electrochemical scanning tunneling microscopy and directional wetting of chemically stripe-patterned surfaces.

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