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Prof. Gunther Kolb

Eindhoven University of Technology

I received my Ph.D. on deactivation kinetics of zeolitic catalysts determined in a concentration-controlled recycle reactor. At Grace Davison I had worked at the development of novel, better poison and coke resistant FCC catalysts.

At Fraunhofer ICT-IMM my group (5 PhD, 6 engineers, 8 technicians, 2 students) is developing plate heat-exchanger reactors for practical applications such as fuel processors for fuel cell Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), biofuel production, conversion of energy to energy carriers (Power-to-Gas) and catalytic combustion processes. Our focus is on catalyst development for reforming of a large variety of fuels, catalytic combustion, water-gas shift, preferential oxidation, partial dehydrogenation, methanation, Methanol-to-Gasoline (MTG), biodiesel synthesis. As well as determination of kinetics in (microchannel) recycle reactors and catalyst coating techniques; we have developed a screen printing technique to deposit catalysts in microchannels.

With my work at TUe I want to get a better understanding of deactivation mechanisms by coke deposition and poisoning, but also of complex reaction networks through advanced experimental techniques.

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