Organization | Dr. Fausto Gallucci

Dr. Fausto Gallucci

Eindhoven University of Technology

I completed my PhD studies in Italy at the Institute of Membrane Technology at the University of Calabria. Since 2007 I am working in the Netherlands and in August 2010 I was appointed as Assistant Professor at the chair Chemical Process Intensification at Eindhoven University of Technology, where I am responsible of the research on membrane reactors and chemical looping processes. I am mainly involved in the development and experimental validation of novel reactor concepts also making use of new experimental techniques such as IR/PIV/DIA and High Temperature endoscopic PIV/DIA developed in the Chemical Process Intensification. Since 2012 I am working on a new reactor concept integrating chemical looping reforming and membranes for pure hydrogen production with integrated CO2 capture in the VIDI grant ClingCO2. At the same time I am responsible of several European projects where our new reactor concepts are further developed for actual prototype demonstration.

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