Online lecture Series: Life after MCEC

Laurens Mandemaker


Dear MCEC Members,

We are happy to invite you to our Online Lecture Series: Life after MCEC given by our MCEC members. We encourage you to actively participate and ask any questions through the chat or after the lecture.

Our first lecture will be given by  Laurens Mandemaker, a current Postdoc at UU working on Nanoplastics.

Date: Thursday 15/04/2021
Time: 09.00 / 09.45 h.

You can join by following this link or through our MCEC online education platform in Teams.

Best regards,

Laurens did his PhD at Utrecht University and will be defending his thesis on June 2nd.

Hello, my name is Laurens! Last December, I finished my MCEC Ph.D. contract after 4 years of learning, collaborations, and good times. In those 4 years, I’ve worked mostly on metal-organic frameworks: crystalline porous solids which could be used as catalysts and gas sorbents due to their versatile characteristics. Now, I’ve started a postdoc at Utrecht University working on quite a different topic: nanoplastics. I am applying the techniques, skills and problem-solving skills learned during my Ph.D. to study completely different materials, which is exciting! Working as a postdoc is quite different from doing a Ph.D., and I’m really enjoying the freedom and great amount of side-projects that I can focus on besides having a main topic that is of great societal importance!