MCEC School 2015

Hotel Bergse Bossen

This is a 5 days School specifically organized for the PhD students and the Postdocs as part of their training program. The program will include lectures provided by MCEC members, discussion sessions and poster presentations.

12-16 October 2015


Program MCEC School 2015


Session 1: Energy Challenge: From Single Molecule to Reactor By: Bert Weckhuysen and Hans Kuipers

Session 2: Heterogeneous Catalysis: Principles and Practice By: Bert Weckhuysen

Session 3: Concepts of Heterogeneous Catalysis By: Rutger van Santen


Session 4: Microreactors, Microfluidics and Analytic methods By: Bert Weckhuysen and Albert van den Berg

Session 5 and 6: Multiscale Structuring by Hierarchical Self-Assembly: Experiments, Simulations & Theory By: Marjolein Dijkstra and Alfons van Blaaderen


Session 7: Introduction to Single-phase Flow By: Detlef Lohse

Session 8: Introduction to Multiphase Flow and Multiphase Chemical Reactors By: Detlef Lohse and Hans Kuipers

Session 9: Experimental and Computational Techniques for Multiphase Flows By: Hans Kuipers and Niels Deen


Plenary session: Generating fuels from sunlight: Catalyst design, development, and integration into devices By: Prof. Thomas F. Jaramillo

Parallel sessions: Biomass By:  Dr. Ruud van Ommen and Pieter Bruijnincx

Parallel sessions: Solar Fuels By: Monica Barroso


Plenary session: Synthesis gas production and conversion – from fundamentals to commercial application

By: Krijn de Jong and Emiel Hensen


You can find the day to day program here.



Hotel Bergse Bossen
Traaij 299
3971 GM Driebergen



All PhD students and Postdocs involved in MCEC projects are invited to register.