MCEC PhDs in the limelight

MCEC is more than a research center: amongst other things, it aims to train its PhDs in reaching out to the public, by explaining complex research content to a general audience (from secondary school students to retirees with an interest in the matter, and anyone beyond and inbetween). PhDs who would like to practice their communication skills can do so by joining the team of authors and vloggers behind, or gain experience as a teacher by giving guest lectures.

Over the last two years, several MCEC PhDs have voluntarily contributed to the success of MCEC as a research center that not only crosses the frontiers of three universities and disciplines, but also reaches out from academia to society. We thought it high time to acknowledge their efforts.

First in line were Hai Le-The (UT), Anne-Eva Nieuwelink (UU), Álvaro Moreno Soto (UT) and Robin Geitenbeek (UU).
We sincerely thank you for your great work and we hope to see and read a lot from you in the future!



8 May 2018