MCEC Newsletter April 2021

In our latest MCEC Newsletter you can read about:

  • Catalysis Connected 2021
  • Online Lecture Series: Life After MCEC
  • Save the Date – MCEC Annual Meeting
  • Scientific Research Community: Catalysis for CCU 
  • N3C Poster Award for Erik Maris (UU)
  • David Fernandez Rivas (UT) wins Prince Friso Engineer Prize
  • Upcoming PhD Defences
  • MCEC Publications

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Catalysis Connected 2021

Catalysis Connected is a two-day conference on the topic of catalysis ​fostering scientific excellence. Catalysis Connects challenges aspiring researchers in the field of catalysis to discuss their views and research on ”turning waste into the energy and materials of tomorrow” with a young multi-disciplinary audience of PhDs and PDs from Belgium and The Netherlands.

Catalysis Connected will be held in September 2021. For the organization, MCEC Research Center partners up with Capture and ARC-CBBC.

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Online Lecture Series: Life after MCEC

On Thursday April 15 the first ‘Online Lecture Series: Life after MCEC’ was given by Laurens Mandemaker (UU). Thank you Laurens for sharing with us your personal approach and career choices! (Read more about Laurens Mandemaker).

In case you missed this one, make sure to join the next ‘Life After MCEC Lecture’ with Jeroen Vollenbroek on May 20.

You can join through our MCEC online education platform in Teams, the link to the meeting will be shared shortly.

Save the Date – MCEC Annual Meeting

This year’s Annual Meeting will take place on: Monday 21st of June and Tuesday 22nd of June 2021.

Depending on the number of COVID infections and the regulations, one of the days will be organized on location. We encourage you all to attend this Annual Meeting. Program and detailed information will follow.

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Scientific Research Community: Catalysis for CCU

‘Catalysis for CCU: Valorisation of CO and CO2 through Carbon Capture and Use’ is a multidisciplinary network of scientists, connected with well-established research groups in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, focused on Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) technologies as an essential step to developing the know-how for a low-carbon circular economy. 

To enhance the connection with other research groups Catalysis for CCU created a virtual platform that will be used to:

  • Share Master and PhD research topics 
  • Stream relevant PhD defences, invited lectures, and CCU seminars 
  • Create CCU podcasts 
  • Create a CCU database of available infrastructure, on-going projects and job opportunities 
  • “CCU Happy Hours”, online meetings where a small group of young researchers discusses viral matters with relevant experts. 

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N3C Poster Award for Erik Maris (UU)

Erik Maris (UU) has won the Poster Award at NCCC for his poster entitled ”Making more efficient zeolites: Visualizing motion on the single-molecule level”. The jury particularly appreciated the infographic-style layout, which allowed easy reading on a computer screen, and embedded sound fragments that made up an audio tour explaining the poster. We spoke with Erik about his poster and the choices that he made in the process of making the poster.

Want to know what Erik his poster was about?
Read the interview with Erik Maris.

David Fernandez Rivas (UT) wins Prince Friso Engineer Prize

MCEC Member David Fernandez Rivas, associate professor of fluid dynamics at the University of Twente, was elected Engineer of the Year. The Prince Friso Engineer Prize for Fernandez Rivas came digitally from the hands of KIVI President Joanne Meyboom. Fernadez Rivas also turned out to be the audience’s favorite, thus also winning the audience award. Many Congratulations!

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MCEC PhD Defenses

19 February 2021:
Jasper Lozeman – Surface enhanced vibrational spectroscopy: Implementations in lab-on-a-chip
Jasper Lozeman (UT) is a PhD student in the research group Biomedical and Environmental Sensorsystems (BIOS) at the University of Twente. His supervisors are prof. Mathieu Odijk and prof. Albert van den Berg from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS). Many congratulations to all!

Coming up:

21 April: Peter Dung – Heat and Mass transfer in bubbly flow with turbulence
On Yu (Peter) Dung (UT) is a PhD student in the research group Physics of Fluids (POF) at University of Twente. His supervisor is prof. DetlefLohse from the Faculty of Science and Technology.
Good luck Peter!

MCEC Publications

A multi-scale model for the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis in a wall-cooled packed bed reactor
Chandra V., Vogels D., Peters E.A.J.F., Kuipers J.A.M.

The role of vapor-liquid equilibria during the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: A modeling study
Aguirre A., Neria d’Angelo M.F.

Controlling the selectivity in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis using foam catalysts: An integrated experimental and modeling approach
Aguirre A., Scholman E., van der Shaaf J., Neira d’Angelo M.F.

Unusual Spectral Diffusion of Single CuInS2Quantum Dots Sheds Light on the Mechanism of Radiative Decay
Hinterding S.O.M., Mangnus M.J.J., Prins P.T., Jöbsis H.J., Busatto S., Vanmaekelbergh D., De Mello Donega C., Rabouw F.T.

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