MCEC meets for Midterm Evaluation

From Sunday 22 January till Tuesday 24 January 2017, the boards, members and the community of MCEC met to discuss the upcoming Midterm Evaluation. 

On Sunday, the Scientific Advisory Board met with the Supervisory Board and MCEC’s tenure track Assistant Professors Ivo Filot, Mathieu Odijk and Freddy Rabouw. Afterwards, the Supervisory Board (SB) had an informal talk with our PhDs Renée Ripken, Stijn Hinterding, Roderigh Rohling, Alvaro Moreno Soto, Anne-Eva Nieuwelink and Aditya Sengar (the last two also being student representatives).

Scientific presentations by members of the Management Team and MCEC PhDs were held on Monday, as well as discussion rounds on MCEC topics Mastering catalytic events, Complex multiscale structures and Mass & heat flows. The poster session afterwards was well-visited and invited to join in conversation.

Tuesday featured scientific presentations by invited speakers Prof. Jacques Magnaudet and Prof. Klavs Jensen, and discussion sessions around our project clusters Nanoreactors, Syngas conversion, Nanobubbles, Biomass conversion, Future methodologies in catalysis & solar fuels and Fluidic systems.

The Scientific Advisory Board was impressed with the obvious synergy within the MCEC community. The dynamics among the PhDs and postdocs, the interest in each other’s research and the genuine ambition to work together created an environment in which the SAB believes the programme can thrive.

Below, you’ll find a photo impression of the Supervisory Board meeting with MCEC PhDs on Sunday, and the poster presentation and drinks on Monday.