MCEC Annual Meeting 2018

This year’s MCEC Annual Meeting will be held on 4 and 5 April 2018 at
The Gallery
Hengelosestraat 500
7521 AN Enschede

The programme is as follows:
4 April 2018
11.00 – Welcome and registration
11.30 – Opening
11.45 – Introduction of two new PhDs/PDs: Alejo Aguirre & Vamsi Spandan Arza
12.05 – Invited lecture
Sander Huisman (UT): Heat convection in bubbly vertical convection and future plans (abstract)
12.40 – Lunch
13.40 – Four 20-minute presentations by:
Ahmed Ismail (UU): X-ray spectroscopy characterization of water splitting photoanodes
Jeroen Vollenbroek (UT): Droplet Microreactor: High-throughput activity screening of FCC Ecat catalyst particles
Aura Visan (UT): Catalytic induced flows or how to produce more with less catalyst
Roderigh Rohling (TU/e): The Diels-Alder cycloaddition over transition metal exchanged faujasites
15.00 – Coffee break
15.15 – First poster session
16.15 – Scientific discussion: either with a joint walk or via progress meetings in small groups
17.45 – Dinner
19.15 – Evening lecture
Barry Fitzgerald (TU Delft): Secrets of Superhero Science (abstract)
 5 April 2018
08.30 – Introduction of two new PhDs: Maarten Bransen & Valerii Muravev
08.50 – Three 20-minute presentations by:
Ivan Devic (UT): Stopping sliding droplet with the chemical step
Evgeny Uslamin (TU/e): Chemistry of the aromatization of furanic compounds on zeolites 
Aditya Sengar (TU/e): Convection-Diffusion-Reaction modelling for multicomponent species
09.50 – Coffee break
10.05 – Four 20-minute presentations by:
Alvaro Moreno Soto (UT): The nucleation rate of single O_2 nanobubbles at Pt nanoelectrodes
Maxim Masterov (TU/e): Numerical simulation of bubble columns using hybrid turbulence models
Freddy Oropeza Palacio (TU/e): Photoelectron spectroscopy (PES) for functional  characterization of photoelectrodes
Christa van Oversteeg (UU): Colloidal copper based nanocrystals for photocatalytic applications
11.25 – Second poster session
12.30 – Lunch
13.30 – Invited lecture
Freddy Rabouw (UU): Coupling nanoparticles to plasmons on a silver surface (abstract)
14.15 – Coffee break
14.30 – Four 20-minute presentations by:
Laurens Mandemaker (UU): Unravelling the nucleation and growth of MOF thin-films
Giulia Fiorucci (UU):  Out-of-equilibrium crystallization: oscillatory shear on long range repulsive colloids    
Paolo Lovreglio (TU/e): Experimental and numerical study of flow in packed beds of spherical particles
Rama Kotni (UU): Supraparticles for catalysis (provisional title)
15.50 – Wrap-up and ceremony*: the MCEC Poster Prize 2018

16.15 – Closing

* Poster committee: Sander Huisman, Jan Philipp Hofman en Jovana Zecevic

Registration for the Annual Meeting 2018 is closed.