Max Planck Center for Complex Fluid Dynamics

Detlef Lohse is one of the main initiators of the Max Planck Center for Complex Fluid Dynamics. This first Max Planck Center in the Netherlands (UT campus), will be carrying out research into complex fluid dynamics phenomena, from nanodroplets to very large-scale turbulence.

The complex behavior of fluids plays an essential role in renewable energy, chemical reactors, shipping, inkjet printers and biological processes. Fundamental research in this field therefore has an impact on a wide range of applications. The new Max Planck Center will build on the existing cooperation between two research groups at the UT (Detlef Lohse’s Physics of Fluids and Albert van den Berg’s BIOS Lab-on-a-chip) and the Max Planck Institutes in Göttingen (Dynamik und Selbstorganisation) and Mainz (Polymerforschung).

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