Mathieu Odijk speaks at Teacher’s Day at Utrecht University

Last 15 February, the Faculty of Science organized an in-service training day for around fifty (future) science teachers called ‘Grenzen aan de Chemie’. Mathieu Odijk, as invited speaker, held a lecture on ‘An introduction to Lab on Chip, principles and applications’.

Lab on Chip was born out of a melting pot of sensor development, integrated circuit design, and biotechnology. The new possibilities in the field of micro- and nanofabrication provide the ability to perform certain functions in the (bio) chemical laboratory on a much smaller scale.

Odijk’s lecture explained the benefits of a Lab on Chip with the use of several practical examples. These advantages include the possibility of point-of-care self-tests, flow chemistry for the screening of new drugs, and the analysis of individual cells with unprecedented throughput.

February 17, 2017