Jeroen Vollenbroek winner of MCEC Poster Prize at the Annual Meeting 2017

Jeroen Vollenbroek is this year’s MCEC Poster Prize Winner with his poster on Design and Characterization of a Microreactor for Nanodisperse Catalytic Droplet Generation at both Elevated Temperature and Pressure. The jury – composed of Wouter Olthuis, Frank Peters and Florian Meirer – had a hard time making this decision, since most participants showed a strong performance in both the design of their poster and their pitch.

Jeroen‘s poster (click on image for an enlargement) was chosen because of the balance in design and content, and the clear demonstration of the collaboration between different MCEC groups that led to the findings presented. A special mention goes out to Robin Broos, who put a lot of effort in the poster and dared to design it in a different way. The jury found this to be very impressive.

An interview with Jeroen can be found here: Interview Poster Prize winner 2017.

At the MCEC Annual Meeting 2017, a total of sixty PhDs, PDs and MCEC Members were present. The two-day programme in Drienerburght (Enschede) included scientific lectures by Jovana Zecevic, Frank Peters and Rob Lammertink and 8-minute presentations (and poster viewings) by all PhDs and PDs present.

The invited evening lecture, Understanding Science Journalism: balanced reporting and alternative facts, was provided by Anne Dijkstra, who talked about balanced reporting, alternative facts, science-media relations, how society perceives science and technology, and how the role and impact of science communication evolved during the last century.

The organization would like to thank all participants for a dynamic and insightful meeting.

19-20 April, 2017