Inspiring MCEC Labtour

The first MCEC Labtour on the 10th of June at Utrecht, with 34 participants, was inspiring. It was a great opportunity for the PhD students to meet and see the possibilities of the lab facilities and to learn about the research lines that the groups Inorganic Chemistry & Catalysis and Soft Condensed Matter are working on.

Dr. Pieter Bruijnincx (Utrecht University) and Dr. Niels Deen (Eindhoven University of Technology) presented the projects on the topic Biomass. The projects of the topic Future Methodologies in Catalysis & Solar Fuels was presented by Prof. Alfons van Blaaderen, Dr. Monica Barroso, Dr. Celso de Mello-Donega and Robin Geitenbeek (MSc) (Utrecht University). The presentation was followed by a labtour on site and it inspired the discussions during the reception.