Symposium ‘Fuelling the Future’

MCEC organized its first outreach symposium, on catalysis and sustainability, last 14 December in the Academy Hall in Utrecht. The first half of the day consisted of a Minisymposium meant for the MCEC Community and invited third parties, and provided in-depth lectures by Ib Chorkendoff (Technical University of Denmark), Regina Palkovits (RWTH Aachen University), and Karsten Reuter (Technical University of Munich).

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The afternoon was aimed at a broader audience and open to anyone who was interested. Throughout the day, around one hundred guests were present for lectures by Ib Chorkendoff, Regina Palkovits, Peter-Paul Verbeek (University of Twente) and Ewald Breunesse (Manager Energy Transitions at Shell, who replaced Marjan van Loon who unfortunately was unable to attend). Cartoonist Paul Schenk summarized the event in drawings. The topics and views presented, the presence of some protestors, as well as the interesting and very in-depth questions from the audience, made for a lively discussion round that continued well into the closing round of drinks.

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The speakers were interviewed by three of our MCEC PhDs. Their articles will be published in February 2018 via our internal newsletter, as well as on (If you’d like to stay updated, please register for our newsletter.)

MCEC would like to thank everyone who attended for a great afternoon!


14 December 2017

Pictures by Lennart Weber and MCEC Office