Evgeny Pidko finalist of ITMO Fellowship & Professorship Program (ITMO University, Saint Petersburg, Russia)

“With this part-time position, I am extending my expertise to biomedicine and optics. I will be applying my knowledge of molecular inorganic chemistry and mechanisms of chemical transformations to design of new functional materials for drug delivery and non-linear optical applications. The ambition is to develop computational methodologies for a detailed molecular-level description of chemical processes in solution that would allow guiding the synthesis of new materials. I envisage that these methods could also be applied for modeling processes underlying synthesis of heterogeneous catalysts.”

This 2 years fellowship will allow Evgeny to regularly visit St. Petersburgh to give lectures and develop further and strengthen his group there. More importantly also students from ITMO will come to Eindhoven to work on catalysis-related topics and learn cross-disciplinary research approach. To support scientific exchange for both universities, at least two young researchers of ITMO will stay at TU/e for 3 months each.

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