Death and Life of Catalysts: Evgeny Pidko receives ERC Consolidator Grant

Dr. Evgeny Pidko (picture by Anton Litke)

Evgeny Pidko has been awarded the ERC Consolidator Grant for his proposal DeLiCAT: Death and Life of Catalysts. In this proposal, his research team will study the fundamental aspects of catalyst activity and deactivation for a number of chemical processes relevant to the fields of catalytic biomass conversion and hydrogen technology, using both state-of-the-art theoretical and experimental approaches.

Pidko: “Most of the ideas that I have are intrinsically stream-lined along the main goals of the MCEC program. Being embedded in its interdisciplinary environment offers a unique opportunity for me and for the new team to look at our research problems from a new directions, and, ultimately, come up with truly innovative solutions.”

Read more about Evgeny Pidko, his research and the ERC Consolidator Grant on the news page of TU/e and the website of NWO (in Dutch).

January 6, 2017