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Dr. Jovana Zečević

Utrecht University

Dr. Jovana Zečević is currently employed as an assistant professor at Utrecht University in the group of Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis. During her PhD in the same group she focused on the application of electron tomography (3D-transmission electron microscopy) for catalysts characterization. This technique provides a unique insight into the internal structure of materials at the nanometer scale. Besides electron tomography, her interest is now in applying and combining other advanced TEM techniques that can provide chemical information and also allow imaging of structural changes of materials as they take place. With recent developments in microchip technology, the possibility to extend TEM imaging from vacuum to liquid phase environment has emerged. The aim is to employ this new liquid-phase TEM technique to study at the nanometer length scale and in real-time synthesis of supported metal nanoparticles and other relevant modifications of the catalysts that take place in a liquid environment.

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