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Dr. Johan Padding

Eindhoven University of Technology

Johan Padding obtained his PhD (physics) in 2003 at University of Twente. He is now an associate professor in the Process & Energy department at Delft University of Technology and visiting researcher at the Multiphase Reactors group at Eindhoven University of Technology. His work focuses on development of novel coarse-graining methodologies and efficient simulation algorithms for solid-fluid flow problems, with emphasis on non-Newtonian fluids and flow and diffusion of non-trivial particles (non-spherical, charged, attractive, viscoelastic). Johan’s research is multiscale, ranging from molecular to granular, as well as interdisciplinary, connecting areas of physics, biology, chemistry and chemical engineering. Topics include the dynamics and rheology of polymer melts, wormlike micelles, fiber solutions and pressure sensitive adhesives, the hydrodynamics of colloidal suspensions in external fields, determination of drag and lift forces on rod-like particles, droplet size evolution in spray dryers, and the hydrodynamics of fluidized beds and granular flows. For his work, Johan received a VENI grant in 2005 and an ERC consolidator grant in 2013.

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