New colleague: Daan van Arcken

Hello members of the MCEC Community,

My name is Daan van Arcken. I have recently joined the MCEC office in Utrecht as Communications Assistant. Before this, I worked as a bike messenger for De Fietskoerier Utrecht. I actually still do that part-time now.

Next to riding my bike, I’ve enjoyed working at many different companies doing many different things. For example, at Kugler Publications I was in charge of the digital publication process. I made sure deadlines were met, in-text citations referred to actual sources and the result looked somehow professional in the end.

My role at the MCEC Office will be to assist the program coordinator Nina and communications officer Christine. I am very enthusiastic about joining the MCEC team. I’ve already had the chance to meet some of the research group in Utrecht and I look forward to visiting Eindhoven and Enschede soon.

If you have any questions, want to go out for a bike ride or talk about music feel free to contact me at or via LinkedIn.